Larger-Than-Life Leopard Leaps From South Africa To The United Kingdom With Help From Tigers
07 Dec 2017 - Cape Town (ZA)
Tigers has transported 29 large bronze wildlife sculptures from Cape Town, South Africa to London, United Kingdom for conservationist-turned-artist Bruce Little’s largest exhibition to date, held at the Mall Galleries. 

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The sculptures ranged from a tiny Harvester Mouse, measuring just 10cm long, 10cm wide, and 10cm high, and weighing three kilograms, to a Leopard, measuring 450cm long, 160cm wide, and 120cm high, and weighing 250 kilograms.
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"We loaded the sculptures under the watchful eye of the artist himself, Bruce Little, and re-palletised and delicately wrapped them to ensure a safe and secure movement to the gallery,” said Trevor Weeks, Branch Manager, London Heathrow Airport, Tigers.
"Our customers benefit from lower shipping costs by empty container return in Switzerland for westbound services, and Shipper’s Own Container (SOC) for eastbound services, for both FCL and LCL.

"Twenty-nine large sculptures arrived in an ocean freight container at Tigers’ London Heathrow Airport facility, and were cleared as temporary import with a view to possible sale, providing the customer with the most cost-effective solution.

"A further 31 smaller sculptures were moved from an address in the UK, and were delivered together at the Mall Galleries, using a vehicle mounted forklift truck to assist the gallery team with offloading.”

Tigers collected the sculptures from the Mall Galleries after the exhibition had ended, and delivered them to another location in the UK for a private show.

"Hosting an exhibition, the scale of which we have just had in London, is no easy feat particularly when the source of work has come from thousands of kilometres away,” said Bruce Little.

"Fortunately, we have companies like Tigers at our disposal that have assisted seamlessly in delivering our bronzes where and when they are supposed to be.

"Last year they moved a monumental lion for me from Cape Town to Longleat, Wiltshire, UK, which weighed approximately five tonnes and this too went without a hitch.

"I am most grateful for Tigers and their associates that have made it possible for me to exhibit around the world.”

Tigers operates seven offices in the United Kingdom, including London Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport, Felixstowe, Cardiff, Banbury, and Leeds.

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About Bruce Little

For the past 19 years, Bruce has worked on sculpting his subjects by focusing less on strict anatomical correctness, but more on capturing the deeper meaning of the animals he observes.

Bruce says, "it is natural for every artist to grow and evolve in one’s artistic journey,” and as a result he has started sculpting a series of pieces with a contemporary aspect, which he feels portrays the animals in a different light but still encompasses the essence of the animals’ surroundings, spirit and behaviour.

In addition, Bruce has added a human element to his works where he attempts to portray a deep indelible bond that we as humans have with the earth and nature.

Bruce has hosted several international exhibitions since 2003, and has now also opened his own exclusive gallery in Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa.

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