Carbon emissions

Measure – By measuring our carbon footprint over several years, Tigers has a detailed understanding of the amount of carbon issued by its operations. In Tigers, we measure the supply chain as a whole and utilize our IT systems to improve on data accuracy and reliability.

Insetting – Tigers is constantly seeking ways to reduce its CO2 footprint year-on-year through in-house carbon reduction initiatives. Negating our impact on the environment is best achieved by reducing what we use and emit.

Offsetting – To achieve economies of scale and reduce per unit costs, we have formed a partnership with CDC Climate, who provide us with a mechanism to offset carbon.
  • Reforestation in Colombia
  • Alfalfa dehydration in France
  • Biodigester programmes in Cambodia

Sustainability in Action

Tigers is the only combined warehousing and transport company participating in the Bavarian state environment pact.

Selection for which is only allowed after rigorous audits in one of the most environmentally aware countries in the world.

Tigers only works with warehouse designers that incorporate sustainable design principles into their builds, that maximize natural sunlight and optimize ventilation.

Our Ship+ product decreases the reliance on air-only shipments and can reduce carbon footprint by as much as 50%.

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