Tigers launches second stage of Savages Leadership Development program

Tigers launched its second Savages Leadership Development program in 2018. There were a total of 10 participants, selected from different business functions around the globe.

Leadership development is a lifelong journey that begins with an understanding of our participants’ current leadership styles through assessment tools and 360 surveys, followed with leadership skill training activities to fill their competency gaps, coaching to empower them to act, and group projects to facilitate teamwork across geographies and cultures.

After a series of training programs, Tigers leaders should be able to tell Tigers stories on customers’ experiences andservices , and practice dynamic leadership styles with strong people management skill.

This year, we arranged two intensive leadership training programs: January in South Africa and September in Myanmar. The former focused on setting the basics right, whereas the latter hinged on a deep dive program on personal leadership style, and delivery of open and constructive feedback.

One highlight in Myanmar was the Restaurant Day. The team was asked to run the entire operation of a restaurant for a day with a mission to house 30 customers from our Tigers Myanmar office. It was a challenging exercise as the participants had to purchase the food, cook it and serve it to the customers… However, everyone made it through, and we could see rising leaders, teamwork and close communication throughout the day. The feedback from all thecustomers and restaurant staff was very positive.

Tigers are continually investing in the development of our employees. We took the experience of the first batch of participants to continuously improve the Savages program to better suit the requirements of our leaders.

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