Tigers relocates to new Shanghai facility as part of ongoing global expansion

Supply chain specialist Tigers boosts offering to international brands entering China and the APAC region with new dual warehouse Shanghai facility

Hong Kong, China, Thursday, 14thJune 2018 – Tigers has relocated to a new facility in Shanghai, China, complete with two warehouses to overcome space restraints in its previous operation and meet growing customer demand.

The new facility, which is located close to Shanghai Yangshan Port, has a dual warehouse model, which will allow Tigers to offer scalable solutions to B2B and B2C customers alike across domestic and international markets.

“Our improved warehouse layout at the new facility has afforded us an increase of 34 per cent in pallet spaces, equivalent to 4000 pallets, and a floor space increase of 50 per cent,” said Laura Crow, Managing Director, China, Tigers.

“Our previous facility was operating at maximum capacity for over a year, leaving us with no space to grow, and limiting our operational efficiency and ability to meet an ever-growing customer demand for complex e-commerce projects.

“Our new warehouse complex will allow us to continue to review our product and ensure it remains fit for purpose as our e-commerce fulfilment operations develop in the region.”

The new 3,779 square meters facility, equipped with 10-meter high racks and a mezzanine shelving system, is dedicated to complex pick and pack projects, offering sea and air freight consolidation and export, global omni-chanel fulfilment, China domestic distribution, and a variety of value added services.

“The new operation strengthens our e-commerce operations for international brands entering China and the APAC region,” added Crow.

“Working in tandem with our bonded operations in Shanghai, we will continue to support foreign brands to get a foothold in the China market by providing import Customs brokerage.”

The new Tigers Shanghai facility works across a range of industries, including domestic distribution of spare parts for the automotive and lighting industry, apparel export to retailers in Australia and the European Union, and Tmall domestic fulfilment.

Tigers has recently opened a number of office and warehouse facilities worldwide, supporting the global launch of its online marketplace, the Tigers eShop.

(L-R): Bruce Haines, Managing Director, DEAN World Cargo, Elsic Xu, Analyst – Supply Chain Solutions, China, Tigers, Laura Crow, Managing Director, China, Tigers, Winnie Li, General Manager – Human Resources, China, Tigers, and Cheng Kuang, Senior Manager – Logistics Solutions, China, Tigers

Tigers has relocated to a new facility in Shanghai, China, complete with two warehouses to overcome space restraints in its previous operation and meet growing customer demand.

About Tigers Limited

Tigers is a USD800 million enterprise solutions company specialising in e-commerce fulfilment, transportation, and supply chain solutions worldwide.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, with offices and facilities throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South Africa, Tigers has over 100 years’ experience of supporting customers in the healthcare, technology, fashion, automotive, wine and perishables, and outdoor and active lifestyle sectors.

eTigers provides the processes and software for full end-to-end e-commerce solutions, that can be used as a full suite, or as part to be swapped in and out, to work with customers’ existing systems.

In 2017, Tigers launched the Tigers eShop, an online trading platform, offering customers a marketplace with full e-commerce supply chain support in some of the world’s largest e-retail markets.

Tigers has eShops in China, Malaysia, USA, Australia, UK, the Netherlands, and Germany.

Tigers is privately owned by Jumbo Glory Limited and GeoPost S.A.

For more information, visit Tigers

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